"When I started with Raina I felt lost at work and at home. Now, after 6 months of coaching, I was hired at my dream company, my husband and I have never been better, and I feel more like myself than I ever have. Thank you, Raina for giving me my life back!"

Sales Executive

"Raina truly turned my life around. . . I literally wouldn't be in the place I am today without her."

IT Solutions Specialist

"I am now feel strong, confident and curious when having conversations with my boss, rather than feeling like I have to fill the silence or simply be agreeable. I am more able to put myself out there and not worry about what others think of me because Raina has helped me discover that what matters is what I think of me! I can spot and stop my overthinking when it starts!"

Courtroom Deputy & Life Coach

"Raina's Emotional Listening Technique (ELT) has really shifted something in me. Like heaven opened up and dumped on me. I have tons of friends now, and opportunities for things I've wanted. I feel more hopeful that I can have what I want and deserve, including a love relationship."

Spiritual Coach/Guide

"After working with Raina I’ve been able to stick to my meditation practice, organize my home more and let go of the things I cannot control. My relationship with my husband is deeper and more connected and I feel like my kids respect me more. Balance comes in waves but at least I’m riding the waves now instead of being smacked in the face and pulled down by them."

Sales Manager

"I feel more confident in my hiring stills and ability to pick someone who will fit with our team. I can support those around me without feeling like I have overextended myself. I am able to identify my boundaries and hold them for the first time in my life which is a game changer for not only my work life but personal life too."

Senior Executive

"I didn't even understand what a "success" or "life" coach was. Now I am a huge fan. . . If you're feeling stuck, lost, overwhelmed, inauthentic or need help finding your voice - Raina's the one to see!"

Corporate Executive

"Raina has helped me practice not getting wrapped up emotionally worrying about the future. Practicing just being a coach and accepting where I am and that I will continue to hone my skills with time - without judgment."

Executive Coach

"Raina, no joke, changed my life. She provided a safe space for me (even in the interactions before the session) that helped me feel okay to 100% be myself. Her questions and insights were items I hadn’t heard before and I’ve received a LOT of coaching. I definitely recommend her."

Corporate Trainer & Coach

"Raina has taught me a lot about myself and helped me to see myself as a human who was created in love, as a worthy person with immeasurable capabilities to do a plethora of things in my life. I feel unstuck! I feel like I AM accepted and that I deserve unconditional love that is not tied to money. I feel like a different Natalie than I did when we started, and I would not feel this way had I not met Raina and done our coaching together. Many, many thanks, and may the powers that be continue to bless your work with other women who feel lost and hurting."

High Conflict Divorce Coach

"Working with Raina, I have gained greater clarity and focus regarding why I serve, who I serve and how I serve. And as a result, I see growth and foresight within my business that feels really aligned with who I am."

Owner of Pearl Essence

"I have been working with Raina since April 2020 and this woman is AMAZING. She is intuitive, compassionate and very giving. She takes time to truly listen and help guide you through finding the solutions to your inner blocks and limiting beliefs. I have grown so much from working with her and excited to continue this journey with her. If you are looking for extra support or not sure what to do next, schedule an appointment with her and see what she can do for you!"





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